Allie Finnegan 

  1. Where are you from? Phoenix, Arizona

  2. How did you end up working at Magnum? After 3 years in advertising, working on a variety of lifestyle and tech brands I was ready for a career refresh, specifically in the food & wine industry.  

  3. What is your role on the team? Account Associate

  4. When did you know you wanted to work in food and/or media marketing? I was always very inspired by my grandmother who opened one of the first sushi bars in Chicago. Her passion for food quickly rubbed off on me and it wasn’t until I had worked in marketing that I realized I should fuse my interests.  

  5. What is the most exciting part of being on the Magnum Team? Learning from some of the most innovative and bold PR professionals and SF restaurateurs.   

  6. You’re ordering a pizza, only one topping allowed, what is it? Mushrooms

  7. What is a publication you are currently obsessed with? Born & Raised on Bon Appetit

  8. What is the first city on your traveler’s bucket list? Kyoto, Japan

  9. Where is your favorite place to eat right now? Pizzetta 211 - It’s a block from my house and their pizza is heaven

  10. What is an ingredient you cannot cook without? Garlic & Onions - There is not one without the other in my eyes.  

  11. What is your perfect happy hour drink and vittle? Amaro Spritz and pickled anything