Anjan Mitra

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Ever since he left Bombay (now Mumbai) at the age of 18 to study in the U.S., Anjan has always sought to recreate the wonderfully aromatic and complex flavors of his mother’s cooking.  He spent the first 19 years of his career working in high-tech at companies, then realizing his true passion lied in hospitality and food.  He pursued a new entrepreneurial path as a restaurateur with a cuisine that he believed was under- represented in the U.S.

Mitra is the Executive Chef/Co-Owner and together with his talented team of South Indian Chefs in the kitchen, leads the overall culinary direction of the menu, which represents the traditional styles of Southern Indian cooking and spices.  Dishes on the menu are inspired by recipes from Anjan’s family, as well as the families of their team of chefs.

When Anjan is not at either restaurant locations, on the line prepping or plating during service, he can be found biking many of the Bay Area trails, spending time with his two daughters and traveling. Him and his wife reside in San Francisco.  Anjan is also on the Board of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.