Magnum PR is hiring! We’re looking for:

  • Two experienced senior Account Directors: one to oversee restaurants, hospitality & travel accounts, and one to lead our wine & spirits accounts.

  • A rockstar Account Manager who will oversee client management, pitching for a variety of key accounts

  • An extensive knowledge of restaurants, food & beverage, and a deep roster of relevant media contacts are required.

If this sounds like you, email us your resume and an overview of your background, 5-10 examples of great stories you recently pitched and landed, and the 5 editors that consistently respond to your emails, texts, or event invitations. You can reach us at

Account Director (Restaurants, Hospitality & Travel)

Account Director (Wine, Spirits & Beer)

Magnum PR seeks two Account Directors, to oversee our classic Restaurant, Hospitality & Travel business, and to lead and further develop our Wine, Spirits & Beer vertical. The ideal candidate will have an extensive knowledge of national and local trends in restaurants, food, beverage, and travel. Candidates who have extensive experience pitching and landing stories and a deep bench of contacts across the national food and beverage media (print, web, and broadcast alike).

Account Directors serve as liaison and primary point of contact between the client and the account teams. The ideal candidate is responsible for driving campaigns from inception to execution of overall strategy and ensuring the client voice and message is carried across all platforms. The Account Director leverages his or her industry/category knowledge and best practices to foster team performance, deliver results, and foresee potential issues and solutions. A balance of drive and a meticulous eye for detail makes him or her a valued member of the Magnum PR family. He or she should be a self-motivated professional with 5+ years of experience in successfully managing teams and leading accounts. He or she should be a versatile, nimble problem-solver who cultivates team member relationships with the same careful attention as relationships with media and industry influencers. He or she should possess expertise in media relations, account management and client servicing, development of strategy and team execution, and be knowledgeable about our practice areas and industries.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and participate in the development of PR strategies, pitches, and client creative material

  • Adept at creating and tailoring PR plans and pitches

  • Build partnerships and relationships with top-tier media contacts, influencers, and industry leaders on a local, regional, and national level

  • Guide account team to deliver integrated solutions from strategy to execution

  • Build, nurture, and maintain relationships with key media contacts and influencers on local, regional, and national levels

  • Cultivate new business opportunities and prospective new clients

  • Anticipate potential issues or challenges and exercise strong judgment in critical client situations

  • Evaluate and analyze situations for the clients; present thoughtful and innovative solutions

  • Exceptional written, verbal, and presentation skills

  • In-depth understanding of all aspects of PR, from strategy and development to execution

  • Collaborate with our Digital Media team and other account teams to develop and deliver social media and marketing client success

  • Social media savvy with an understanding of emerging platforms and technology

  • Oversee and assist with the creation and execution of client social media campaigns and strategies

  • Ensure overall quality of work by managing client deliverables, expectations, goals, and timelines

  • Inspire, motivate, and mentor team members while working closely with the Executive Team to foster company culture

  • Passionate about mentoring, as well as fostering, learning, and sharing among team members

  • Experienced at driving goals and holding team members accountable

  • Extensive knowledge of current trends and industries (food, travel, hospitality, lifestyle, etc.), as well as digital and new media

  • Self-motivated, flexible, and adaptable to changing situations

Account Manager

At Magnum, each client has a dedicated Account Manager handling approximately five clients. When taking on a new client, Account Managers drive a full-scale media strategy, including story pitch calendars, media lists, and branded event strategy. Account Manager work closely with a dedicated Account Associate to assist with projects, and takes responsibility for mentoring that junior team member.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Make your client look good. You are here to position their business to the outside world with style, finesse, and authenticity.

  • Create and manage full-fledged PR campaigns and influencer programs that have a material impact on their business. You help these businesses grow and succeed.

  • Develop deep relationships with top editors and influencers to share our clients’ stories. Meet with local and national writers to learn what they are working on, and how our clients may fit into what they need

  • Serve as a reliable and consistent partner for media - anticipate the needs of the media, and always be one step ahead of them.

  • Collaborate and mentor assigned Account Associates and meet on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Drive bi-weekly client meetings

  • Establish a story list, pitch calendar, and target media list for each news moment.

  • Craft personalized pitches to local and national media and influencers that resonate with editors.

  • Create informative and fun press releases for all relevant client announcements.

  • Create a media kit with all assets necessary (press releases, bios, menus, photos, etc.)

  • Manage all requests for information, assets, and interviews.

  • Schedule media interviews and photo/video shoots, and serve as the on-site liaison between your client and the media.

  • Craft branded events that showcase what’s noteworthy and exceptional about each of your clients.  Manage event logistics, guest lists, and follow-up.

  • Draft and submit key award nomination applications.

  • Share monthly clips and key social media mentions with the client and Magnum team

As a member of the Magnum team, you’re expected to:

  • Make Magnum look good. Act with professionalism, integrity and style.

  • Share best practices with your team, thank your collaborators, and celebrate the successes of your peers.

  • Contribute to making Magnum into the best-in-class restaurant PR agency in San Francisco.

You are:

  • Obsessed with restaurants and food media

  • Whip smart, creative, and collaborative

  • Ready for any challenge, positive, optimistic, and fun

  • Detail oriented and hands-on to make a campaign a success