Emily Mitra

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A native to upstate New York, Emily’s experience with Indian cuisine broadened quickly upon meeting Anjan Mitra in San Francisco in the late 90’s and through their travel and culinary adventures throughout India. Inspired by the flavors and complexity of the food from Southern India, Emily saw an opportunity to represent the unique qualities of South Indian food in the West through the use of key ingredients combined with her more urban perspective with regards to ambiance, plating and beverage pairings. By December 2005 Emily and Anjan brought their vision to life opening DOSA on Valencia, a 50- seat restaurant on a small, vibrant corner in the heart of the Mission District.

With great momentum and enthusiasm to expand their menu and the offerings, the Mitras opened their second location in November of 2008, DOSA on Fillmore, with a completely green build out. In 2014, Emily and Anjan expanded their business yet again opening Dosateria, a fast growing Indian “fast casual” concept featuring healthy food at a lower fare and accessible to a broad, mainstream audience. Currently Dosateria is in partnership with Whole Foods having opened its first location inside their flagship store in Cupertino and with Aramark, one of the world’s largest third party food service operators. Dosateria plans to expand nationally in the next five years.

Emily is also active member of her community as both a mother with two young girls and as a businesswoman. In addition to DOSA Restaurants, Emily built and operates DOSA Catering, a full- service South Indian catering company and serves as Vice President of Japantown Center Garage Corporation (JCGC) and Board Director for The Kitchen.