Harper Matheson


Growing up in a family that ran a winery and threw legendary parties, Harper Matheson has been obsessed with hospitality from a young age. As the founder and owner of City Counter, Harper Matheson brings more than a decade of experience in the restaurant industry, both in daily operations and helping to conceive, design and build new ventures. She spent the early part of her career managing multi-million dollar restaurants in New York City with B.R. Guest Hospitality, and later went on to direct operations and finance for a 3-unit restaurant group in New York, including Char No. 4, Maysville, and Tia Pol (which became Zagat’s number one Spanish restaurant in NYC). Matheson earned her MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU, and has also spent time honing her finance skills in the corporate finance department at Gap Inc. Over her career, Harper has gained significant experience translating projects from ideas to reality, managing people at all levels and building the internal culture and systems that help a business attain critical and financial success.