Jen Pelka

  • Where are you from? I grew up in Orlando, Florida, moved to the Bay Area to go to Stanford for undergrad, and did most of my real “growing up” over ten years in New York City. I moved to San Francisco in 2012, when my then-boyfriend (now fiancee) got the lease to the restaurant space that now is Souvla.

  • How did you end up working at Magnum? I started Magnum as a PR consultancy -- really as a side hustle, working out of coffee shops and my apartment. Souvla as my first client, and within a day I had a second client, our friends at Mason Pacific. From there, word spread like wildfire and the rest is history.

  • What is your role on the team? Principal and founder.

  • When did you know you wanted to work in food and/or media marketing? My first taste of the magic of restaurants was in 2005, when I had a chance to stage at Restaurant DANIEL in New York. I was hooked from the moment I walked in the door.

  • What is the most exciting part of being on the Magnum Team? The incredible people I get to work with every day -- my dream team of talented, hard-working, thoughtful, funny, and fun people, and the amazing clients whose stories we get to share with the world.

  • You’re ordering a pizza, only one topping allowed, what is it? More cheese.

  • What is a publication you are currently obsessed with? Cherry Bombe! I love me some lady power.

  • What is the first city on your traveler’s bucket list? Tokyo! I’m going with my fiancee for our honeymoon.

  • Where is your favorite place to eat right now? My breakfast table on Sunday mornings, when Charles cooks me a big bowl of the softest scrambled eggs and caviar.

  • What is an ingredient you cannot cook without? Salt!

  • What is your perfect happy hour drink and vittle? Champagne and an abundant cheese plate with lots of stinky good ones.