Katie Mayfield


Katie Mayfield brings diverse experience to the 4505 management team. Hailing from East Tennessee, she can recount playing restaurant in her grandma’s pantry and serving her guests plates of dry spaghetti. (Luckily her cooking skills have improved.) After studying languages and economics, she worked as a congressional staffer, assisting constituents on a wide degree of federal issues and honing her outreach and customer service skills. After working in government and nonprofits for several years, her passion for sustainable food systems led her to become the General Manager of Suzie’s Farm, an organic vegetable farm in San Diego. There she got hooked on working with growing businesses and creating systems to help them succeed. She relied on this experience when she joined the management team at Bi-Rite Market during an unprecedented time of growth as they opened a second store and doubled their footprint.Katie joined 4505 in anticipation of opening 4505 Burgers & BBQ, and she helped build the systems and teams that took the company from 15 to 65 people. Today she continues to focus on the company’s growth strategy and the operations to support it. In her free time she helps her husband run their restaurant, The Half Orange, which serves local beer and craft American food in the heart of Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood.