Maddie Emodi 

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  1. Where are you from? Potomac, Maryland

  2. How did you end up working at Magnum? I met Jen in New York years ago, when she was at Tumblr, helping them build relationships with chefs and restaurants, and I was working for David Chang at Momofuku. When I found out I was moving to SF, Jen was one of the first people I reached out to for ideas and advice.  When Thad’s book tour project came onto her radar, she called me, I think because it didn’t fit squarely into the mold of the work Magnum typically does, and because it’s so event heavy (and travel heavy!). The timing worked out nicely because I’m just getting my feet wet in this new city.

  3. What is your role on the team? Special Projects Manager, which for now means coordinating the book tour for Thad Vogler’s By The Smoke & The Smell.

  4. When did you know you wanted to work in food and/or media marketing? I spent my first few years out of college working at a large PR agency where my main clients were the government of Brazil and big companies like AT&T and Ernst & Young. While I loved the type of work I was doing, I had a really strong passion for all things food and knew I’d be infinitely more excited about my work if I could tap into that. I quit that job to go work for a well-known chef and haven’t looked back since.

  5. What is the most exciting part of being on the Magnum Team? Getting to work among brilliant, focused, and fun people all day...and seeing amazing new clients come on board one after another! It’s awesome to see a small business grow so quickly.

  6. You’re ordering a pizza, only one topping allowed, what is it? Mushrooms, all the way.

  7. What is a publication you are currently obsessed with? As someone new to SF, I’m reading a lot of 7x7, Eater SF & Curbed SF to get myself acquainted with the City. I’m also addicted to Pod Save America.

  8. What is the first city on your traveler’s bucket list? Mexico City/Oaxaca.

  9. Where is your favorite place to eat right now? Izakaya Rintaro, and Duna! (My husband and I are both half-Hungarian so that one is particularly exciting for us.)

  10. What is an ingredient you cannot cook without? Salt.

     11. What is your perfect happy hour drink and vittle? A negroni (or Americano)            & Castelvetrano olives.