Ryan Basso

  • Where are you from? I'm from Rhode Island. 

  •  How did you end up working at Magnum? I have been friends with Jen for some time now.  When she started Magnum I was initially just a helping hand and then I was offered a more serious position on the team. It happened very organically. 

  • What is your role on the team? Junior Account Manager

  • When did you know you wanted to work in food and/or media marketing? I began working in restaurants in college because I needed money, and students who made money at that time worked in the bahs. Publications and writing have always been areas that fascinate me, so after years of being on the floor I was ready for a change. It was a natural progression for me to move into a space where I could utilize my knowledge of food/beverage and restaurant culture. 

  • What is the most exciting part of being on the Magnum Team? It has to be how involved we all are in the city's restaurant community. It seems that not a night goes by without one of us visiting some new place, a classic staple, or somewhere strange and different. San Francisco is such a rich environment, and being on this team makes me feel very much a part of it. 

  • You’re ordering a pizza, only one topping allowed, what is it? Anchovy

  • What is a publication you are currently obsessed with? October 

  • What is the first city on your traveler’s bucket list? Ho Chi Minh City

  • Where is your favorite place to eat right now? Swan, since the first time, it has and will always be Swan.

  • What is an ingredient you cannot cook without? A glass of wine

  • What is your perfect happy hour drink and vittle? Around happy hour I'm usually in the mood for a can of my favorite beer with some crisps; corns nuts, a bag of Rusty's, or chicharrones. Something along those lines.