Zoe Johns

As President and Second Generation Vintner of Turnbull Winery, Zoe Johns provides all-encompassing leadership in innovation, tradition, quality, style and hospitality to the winery. She is forward-thinking, yet believes in the art of analog winemaking and that the best wines come from the highest-quality fruit. Since joining the family business in 2013, less than a year after her twin girls were born, Zoe seized the opportunity to transform the winery and its wines from special yet underappreciated to cult-status in a few short years.

Zoe hails from a family deeply connected to winemaking. She grew up in Marin County, California, daughter of a Namibian father and a French mother from Languedoc, a region steeped in winemaking tradition. At the age of twelve, Zoe left her life in Marin to attend an all-girls middle school in France, just as her mother and grandmother had before her. School holidays were spent in Bordeaux helping family friends at their wineries. This is where her wine education began. Later, at Skidmore College in upstate New York, Zoe tapped into her passion for design and interiors, and landed a job as Field Editor for Better Homes & Gardens magazine. After graduation, she moved to New York City for her dream job as a buyer for Gracious Home. When the opportunity to develop and conceptualize products for Pottery Barn presented itself, she moved back to the Bay Area. As Product Developer at Pottery Barn, Zoe traveled all over the world finding inspiration in both her surroundings and her creative companions, piecing various design elements together to make them a beautiful whole. Later, as Director of Catalog Marketing, she was accountable for both Pottery Barn’s creative vision and its financial success.

As President of Turnbull, Zoe has updated almost everything, from an extensive property remodel that incorporated traditional design with treasured family antiques, to a complete brand redesign and sales strategy overhaul.  Together with Turnbull Winemaker Peter Heitz, she crafted a vineyard replanting strategy for the next fifteen years and beyond - what are exceptional vineyards today will be even better for her daughters’ generation. All enhancements to Turnbull were made to honor her family’s great tradition making incredible wines.

Zoe looks forward to offering guests an inclusive, collaborative, and educational experience at the winery that empowers them as consumers. She loves creating connections through wine and food, and is grateful everyday for her family, friends and the community she calls home.